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Title: Madden 22 Sim: Cardinals at Jaguars turns into a defensive Slugfest
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Over the years,  Mut 22 coins franchise has received mixed reviews. Many critics have acknowledged the concerns of both enthusiasts and casual players. However, EA has begun to introduce more creative features and game modes that make clear the fact that Madden is a genuine videogame rather than merely a sports league simulator, the actual gameplay remains lacking, and the core single-player modes--which don't feed the micro-transactions like the Madden Ultimate Team--go unnoticed. The year-over-year financial returns for Madden have been growing every two years, and the incremental changes seem to keep the fans loyal. This free-to-play trial and the surrounding sale will doubtlessly bring new fans into the fold.

Madden 22 Sim: Cardinals at Jaguars turns into a defensive Slugfest

The last week's Madden 22 simulation was close to reproducing the Arizona Cardinals' win over the Minnesota Vikings, as the video game's game-playing franchise predicted that a Cardinals win via a last-second field goal.

Instead of Greg Joseph missing, it was Matt Prater who won the game in the dying moments.

Now, the 2-0 Cardinals look to a Jaguars team that boasts No. Trevor Lawrence, the No. 1 overall pick. Although Jacksonville is a 0-2 team, it's far too early in the season to be ignoring any team. This is especially true considering Arizona's end of the 2020 season.

The Cardinals are seven points ahead of the Jaguars in Florida that many believe they will easily cover. However, that wasn't exactly the case with this week's Madden simulation because the game proved to be a defensive contest right from the start.

Madden 22: Franchise mode's Player Scouting update delayed until October

Madden 22's overhauled buy Madden 22 coins Player Scouting feature has been delayed. It was originally expected to be available with the September title update, EA has updated its timeline, confirming a new mid-October launch date for the widely desired feature.

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