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Title: Alpha release date!
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[EN] Rise Online World - Alpha Te[EN] Rise Online World - Alpha Testing [Alpha-1] (No NDA)
First phase of Alpha testing will start on 20th November.

Account creation will be available soon on our website(www.riseonlineworld.com). You need to create an account to apply for Alpha.

Death Valley will be the only available map during Alpha-1.
Mobs will be available on Death Valley.
Characters will be at their max levels, 70.
Pets and Mounts will be disabled because of PVP zone.
It'll be playable on Linux and Windows (64 bit) platforms.
We'll be testing/doing on Alpha-1 phase;
* Stress testing,
* All classes and sub-classes except Arcane Mage,
* Revised combat mechanics (including revised combo mechanics),
* Crowded group fights,
* New and revised skills,
* Souls of Crystal (8vs8 or 16vs16 pvp event map) , King of Duel (1vs1 pvp event map), Glory of the Kingdom (16vs16 pvp event map) are the events that also will be tested.
Register for Alpha is available. You can register there https://www.riseonlineworld.com/register

On the November 20th  first registered 1500 people will be able to play on Alpha and day by day amount of players will be increased. Make sure you register asap.

Alpha will lasts for 7-30days(it's not yet determined).

register page in english:
[Image: 9704abf8a8effb50f1504186e207a486.png]
You can download the game right now, here is the link: https://www.riseonlineworld.com/download
Alpha has been delayed for 1-2 more weeks, we have to be more patient.
The first 1,500 people have already gained access to alpha. Check your email Smile
Newest info from [CM]Mergen:

"Hello everyone. Unfortunately, we have not yet reached a positive result in the infrastructure(server security) tests we have carried out.
We definitely do not want to offer you a game where you will have problems caused by external factors.
We are currently continuing the tests and the whole team is working to get the problem done without taking no breaks.
Although we cannot give you an exact date, for now, we will open the game to you the first moment we reach a positive result in the infrastructure tests.
Please do not forget that every postponement hurts the company as much as it hurts you, both mentally and financially.
However, even if such postponements and problems harm the company, the problematic game will disappoint us all more deeply. Thank you all for your understanding and support."

So we need to wait little bit more for Alpha.
Alpha starts tomorrow(December 16, 2020) at 21:00 (GMT +3). First group of 1500 people has access to first day then more and more players will gain access every next day.

You can expect a lot of bugs, its Alpha stage, there will be ticket system in game so you can help ROW team and report every bug you find.

See you in game!
Alpha 2.0 starts 23th of April. Every1 will get access. Get ready guys! 
You can download Alpha client through link belowed.

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