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Title: Cenforce Review | Use | Work | Side effects | Medzsite
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Cenforce is an over-the-counter drug used primarily in the treatment of erection problems. The active ingredient in this drug is sildenafil Citrate (also of the class of Phosphodiesterase 5 inhibitors), the same active ingredient found in the famous Viagra. However, Cenforce also contains ingredients that help increase blood flow to the penis, which allows more blood to reach the corpus cavernosa, the sponge-like tissues that fill and cushion the penile chambers. This allows for increased size and fullness of the erections. Cenforce should not be taken during an active ulcer because it can cause bleeding.
As with all over the counter medicines, there are possible side effects with Cenforce. Some of these include increased heart rate, anxiety, dizziness, constipation, itching, diarrhea, lightheadedness, skin rash, flushing, headache, jaundice, and increased cold sweat. In some patients, serious liver damage may occur as a result of the medicine. If you experience any of these symptoms, speak to your doctor right away. Your doctor will also be able to advise you on other options available such as other medicines or surgery, just in case Cenforce doesn't work for you.
While Cenforce 100 is relatively safe, this product cannot guarantee results. Keep in mind that this is only an over-the-counter medication, and the results will only be confirmed when used as directed by your doctor. Make sure you keep all your appointments with your doctor and follow all instructions for use. Cenforce may not be the best solution for your erectile dysfunction if other treatment options don't work for you.

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