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Title: Chat with official Rise Online developer- Justice
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Chat with official Rise Online developer- Justice

Translates from Turkish official discord:

"Hello again, I came from the RoW game development team by taking time on Mergen's request to prevent information pollution and I will provide information on some issues.

About the project in general:
The development of our game, including the project phase, has been going on for almost 4 years.

First of all I want to give some information about MMORPG
MMORPG is the most complex type of game that can be written and developed. There is one to five times the processing of any single player game. Workload X in other games is X² in MMORPGs.
To put it more simply, the game only shows you situations such as decreased health, dying, buffing or debuffing in the single player games (Single Player), but it should show each interaction in MMOs to all other players and this is what we call LAG which causes delays in the games results. Numerous moving particles cause difficulties on both the server side and the player side.
There are many interactions for each item such as programming, collision, sound, design, graphic, story. Optimizing, balancing, designing, programming and coding of all this is not easy. Many things are much harder to design than coding
Again, there are many areas you need to deal with in networked games. There will be many issues you need to overcome such as delay, cheat prevention, condition management, balancing, load management.
Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find experienced artists, designers, modelers and software developers in our country.
There is a great need for interface designers in our country, especially if you are interested in these issues and if you have the ability, I would definitely recommend interface design in our country.
If we go back to the subject, you will have to deal with hundreds of difficulties at each stage of your work, to solve each one, and you will still be able to afford the costs. Today, even in the simplest multiplayer games, only hosting servers, bandwidth, maintenance of servers, hardware and software hosting the game, managing the game, providing support for the players, providing staff and hardware in this regard and making continuous improvements are required.
All of these are not just a face of the coin but just a reflection. There will be thousands of problems waiting for you. Adding content to the game such as items, races, classes, abilities, missions, NPCs, items on maps and maps are processes that you will need much more time than programming and coding.

Almost all of the content we use are years of elements that our team designs and draws, which takes the most time to graphic designs and drawings.
I will touch upon some issues that Mergen conveyed to me and that I observed in general.
Suggestions and Complaints - Many of your reports, suggestions and complaints are evaluated. We started to fix the problems from the errors we saw in the videos (The effects shine too much, the appearance of slipping while attacking on the move, etc.). We have a long process ahead. As you experience our game, we will evaluate your suggestions and complaints and do our best. Of course there will be glitches, but we will always strive to do our best and listen to your requests in good faith. In this sense, RoW will be a game that you influence and shape on some issues.

Unreal Engine Performance - There are unnecessary concerns about the number of players in this regard. We are at a level that can be satisfied instantly in 1 map (note that there are many maps on the server). Turkey, are one of the few companies that can implement it. In addition, we continue to work to improve performance and we will continue. The number of players we plan to play on a server is around 15000. Performance improvement will be an issue that we will continue and focus on over the years. We will never be content with what is said at the best level, and we will try to find the best one. We are trying to establish an infrastructure where you will have a pleasant time at levels that will not affect your player experience.

Armor and Costumes - All armor and costumes are currently around 150 in our game and 2D and 3D designs, drawings and models are completely made by us. There are still costumes drawing

Weapons - All weapons used (more than 250 pieces) 2D and 3D designs were drawn and modeled by our team. Weapons may have brightness such as flame, poison, dark / chaotic, ice, lightning etc.

Creatures - Currently there are more than 150 creatures. Approximately 100 of these creatures were drawn by our team, and about 50 were bought from various stores or artists with related models.

Maps and structures - All elements, structures and maps except tree, rock and paragon (Epic free asset) are prepared by our artists.

Icons and UI - Worked with 2 different UI and UX designers, and other visual items such as item icons and menu icons have been designed and drawn by different people and artists within our body.

Scenario - The script and the story of our game has been printed in a script and has been available since the early days of the project. It will be shared in the future.

Video - We can't allocate too much budget for this issue at this time. Videos with desired cinematic require very serious budgets unfortunately (including voiceovers)

Sound - Music and sounds are still working. They will be shared in the future. In the first stage, it will be started with sufficient quality, and then studies with high quality will be made.
We would like to have music played and recorded on the philharmonic orchestra, but these are very difficult in the early stages

This is a lot of things that I mentioned, namely licensing from the jewelry in the game to the script. Licensing of new builds continues

F2P and P2W - As we mentioned earlier, this is one of the most sensitive issues that we focus on most. In this regard, the items sold in the store have been designed so as not to affect the PVP part of the game and are still being designed. Again, based on your suggestions, we continue our efforts to ensure that a player does not only spend money and become the strongest, but instead increases by effort, of course, it is impossible to prevent this at a rate of 100%. We aim to maximize your experience by avoiding the bad aspects of the admired MMORPGs and adding apps that will be liked by the players.
The things we can add to the game are limitless, but we don't want to add and strangle too much, we can do anything as needed over time. Everything is in our hands.

Your comparison with us, but we knew we presume million dollar studio beautiful but so far the most experienced team in the company consists of talented people in Turkey ONE
There will be glitches and problems, but we will fight them quickly. We will strive to make our game better with each added value. We also have plans for organizing e-sports and tournaments.
I tried to address as many topics as possible. Now we are before alpha. In Alfa, server loads and general gameplay will be tested. Mission setup, level setup, events and many other features will not be active. Things that need to be worked hard on such as Arcane Mage and the season system will be grown to open beta.
There are many things we want to add that we want to add and do, but stifling an MMORPG with too much can sometimes lead to worse consequences, all of which have to be considered to the finest point. In this context, rather than providing you with incomplete and insufficient games, we are thinking of offering a late but satisfying game.
I will briefly touch on a few more things

The language used in the shares is English because you need to do it in English even though you are addressing more to the local market at the first stage.
The language of the game will be English and Turkish at the first stage. Not all text will be translated into Turkish. For example, translating Reaper into Turkish and making it such as Mower and Prey only leads to confusion and does not make the user better understand that item.

Therefore, articles such as item names, map names, event names will be considered as a private name and they will not be translated into Turkish, instead, fields such as skill descriptions, job descriptions, settings will be translated into Turkish.
Again, we will try to make the UI used as modular as possible. Thus, you will be able to perform PK close to full screen.

Our game and project have not been announced on any platform before.
That's all I'll transfer in my time. I thank you all on behalf of our team for all your support and patience.

Unfortunately, there is no clear date for Alpha, but we do our best, no worries.
Due to the recent epidemic, we may have a short break from our meeting.
I wish you all a good evening
I hope that maps can contain about 15k people. It is huge number of people on one server. 

Im waiting to see chaos dark/chaotic ! Big Grin 
It was really good move to give us some info from developers side.
that game promises to be nice. I'm waiting for more info.

See you on RoW
Im waiting for more infos about Season case, im very curious about it.
I hope it will be system like in PoE or Diablo, new season(server?) every 4-6months and last season(server?) is going to merge with one of "standard" server. Of course they would have to setup server very smart, some chapters etc. Its a lot of work to make it good and interesting.

Also this arcane mage, it will be single target mage or what, we still didnt get any info.

Good move is that costumes will give very small advantage, like 1% or something. Its good change comparing to Knight Online where PUS items like pathos gloves, valkiria, wings, tattoo were necessary to buy every month.

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