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Title: Hold Tibet Wedding Ceremony
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The people of Tibet have created a rich and splendid national culture. Among them, Tibetan marriage customs have distinctive local characteristics. 
The man’s family will ask the astrologer to calculate the date of marriage. On the previous day of the Tibet weddings ceremony, the man’s family will send the wedding dress and jewelry wrapped in silk to the woman's home to let the bride wear. On the day of the wedding, the man’s family needs to find a person of identity, bring a team of men with some horses and colorful arrows with many decorations, and pull a pregnant mare that matches the wife’s zodiac for the bride to ride. Before the arrival of the horse team, the woman’s family should hold a farewell party by presenting Chema, tea and wine. And the women's family would assign some close relatives to send off the bride. When the bride goes out of her home, her family members stand upstairs with colored arrows in one hand and lamb shank in the other and shout: Don't take away my family's blessings. They would repeat several times until the bride walks away.

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