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Title: Rise Online Alpha is going on soon
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GMs on discord said that Alpha is going to release in 1-2 month. 
The sad fact is that only registered players that lives in Turkey will be able to play Alpha. The rest of the world will get acces after that.

We will update this topic as soon as we get more infos.

Take care!
Im glad to here that official information about Alpha stage opening is at least publicly announced Smile
[Image: Screenshot_2020-03-02-10-00-09-897_com.i...ndroid.png][Image: Screenshot_2020-03-02-10-00-16-054_com.i...height=678]

"Preparing for Alpha"
Wow, it looks awesome! I see they act like professional companies. It looks promising before release.
Many people asking for new videos or some news from Rise Online. Mergen(GM) just wrote about what is going on atm and what they are focusing on:

"There's no video development, guys. Now the whole team is busy preparing for alpha.
There's a game we need to get out, guys. We are a game company. We are not a Youtube channel. Our primary goal now is not video, just game.
- The alpha preparation process is not just about the software team. Social media team, software team, user relations department, in short, all rokosoft employees and management are currently focused on this issue.
-the stress tests of the game are intense. For this reason, we cannot turn to such posts. If we successfully survive this short period, they will all come in order.
~ Mergen."

So we just need to be patient.
Finally we got some news about Alpha!

We can read in official statement that "A final test before alpha will be done within 2 weeks, and if there is no setback, we will be able to give dates for alpha tests after this test"

Get ready guys! Its happening. Alpha is going to be release sooooon
[Image: bb699737fcf95e4c2a9c115f8eeccddf.png]

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