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Title: Important infos about Rise Online
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[Image: b1ac004f8d1af9e4d3768dc1e17f6815.png]

Hello. We have left you uninformed for a short time so I want to inform you about some of the topics that are being studied:

- Pet and Passenger System
- New class: Arcane Mage
- Master and Apprentice System
- Season System
- Costumes
- Auction House and Old-school Merchant System
- Solo and Group Dungeons

More content and details will be shared as time comes. Do not rely on information shared outside of our official channels and senior officials.
Great news. I wonder what means "Season System" and what difference will be between common and arcane mage?
Costumes it is what people really like. I hope to see something like giant scythe with lighting blinking. Omg it will be overpower asf.

Auction house it will be very useful to people who haven't time to put merchant, nice idea Big Grin !
Did those guy tried to inject some html code into yours database ....
Already banned this guy

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